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If you haven’t yet visited the gallery in November be sure to come in before November 30th to see the wonderful exhibit in the front gallery that features the art of artists Lynn Andalman and Lynne Medsker. Here are a few teasers of the space, just to motivate you a bit!

blog gallery wall 3

blog gallery wall 4

blog gallery wall, lynne

The gallery will be closed on Thanksgiving as well as Black Friday. If you are interested in meeting one of these artists, Lynne Medsker will be in the gallery on Saturday, November 29th from noon to 5 p.m. stop in for a personal tour of the art.

News from artist Donna Carr

In December I will be the “Artist of the Month” at NAMOS (National Art Museum of Sport) in Indianapolis, Indiana. They will be exhibiting my Olympic Paintings including these:

Bobrava and Soloviev, Russia, Silver Medal Pairs Freestyle © Donna Carr

Bobrava and Soloviev, Russia, Silver Medal Pairs Freestyle © Donna Carr

Viktory © Donna Carr

Viktory © Donna Carr

Also in December, Fishers City Hall will have a Portrait Exhibit with two local portrait artists, one of which is me. Be sure to visit each of these exhibits!

Artists Lynn Andalman & Lynne Medsker will be sharing the front gallery for the month of November, blending their individual styles into a feast for your eyes!

print file, postcard, nov 2014

Lynn Andalman:

 “After my trip to South Africa and surrounding areas, color and content seems to be bursting at the seams. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete what I have to give to the canvas. Looking forward to sharing all things new & wonderful!”

Lynne Medsker:

“I was asked recently what I loved as a child. The question brought memories of collecting rocks and other items in an old shoe box when I was young. Some were from treasured trips to local creeks to collect geodes, fossils and river rocks. Others were merely gravel from our driveway that I’d used my Prang watercolor set and painted pretty pastel colors! Special trips to the local rock shop, where I would spend much longer than my parents would have preferred, selecting just the right stone added to my collection. Those happy memories, along with a collection of driftwood, rocks and items that I have collected as an adult (to make something with “someday”) are what inspired this artwork. I hope you enjoy these new creations as much as I have enjoyed creating them!”

Visit the gallery during normal business hours or during one of these special events to see the new artwork:

Private Opening, Friday, November 7th, 2014 from 6 – 9 p.m.

Public Opening/Monthly Gallery Walk, Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 5 – 9 p.m.

Joy, fun, happiness, passion, love. When Nancy Keating talks about her mosaic work, the story makes you happy. Because she’s certainly happy – not because she’s telling the story, but because she’s living it.

© Nancy Keating

A mosaic artist for 15 years, Nancy began in mixed media mosaic with a focus on garden art, using mainly ceramic and found objects. Indiana has a long history in glass, and over time Nancy’s “mosaic direction” shifted to include original fine art glass mosaic.

© Nancy Keating

One of her series of works has evolved after discovering a vintage toaster that just called to become a mosaic work of art. Since that time she’s added other toasters to the mix, all with thier own slices of toast!

© Nancy Keating

Recently one of those toasters won the Indiana State Fair 1st prize in glass and her “Kitchen Gem” and was accepted into the Gallery 924 Exhibit GATHERING: Contemporary Glass from the Heartland.  GATHERING was a  juried exhibition showcasing the best of emerging and established glass artists from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Wisconsin—the heartland of America. It is sponsored by the Indiana Glass Arts Alliance (IGAA), a non-profit organization located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

© Nancy Keating

Nancy was also juried into the Indiana Artisian program. “I am thrilled to be among this talented group and to be counted as one of Indiana’s finest artisans. Pinch me!” she said after having her mosaic work juried into the organization, making it part of the state’s brand being defined by its exceptional art and foods.

Keating #4 Toaster

October: Kathleen Rice

I am very excited to be the featured artist for the month of October at ArtSplash Gallery.

Building Bridges 2014 © Kathleen Rice

Building Bridges 2014 © Kathleen Rice

My show will focus on mainly abstracts with quite a few never before exhibited pieces. My approach to abstracts is much like poetry. I usually have an idea or an emotion to portray and then work on a composition and colors that will help me relay my intentions.

Random Abandon © Kathleen Rice

Random Abandon © Kathleen Rice

The choice of materials and the method of applying them will vary from piece to piece.I love to explore combinations of materials. I may have something in mind but am open during the entire procedure to new ideas, happy accidents and changes of heart. I want my viewers experience their own emotions and not try to read into my work my ideas but to make it their own.

Kathleen Rice

postcard front 1

Cindy and I (Joyce speaking) have been wanting to do a show together for quite some time. We fell in love with each other’s work at first sight, especially the paintings of toys, candy, and other things that make you smile. The entire front room at ArtSplash will be ours, and ours alone, for the month of September, and we intend to fill it with happy thoughts.

Rock Em Sock Em © Cindy Cradler

Cindy describes the show this way: “I love doing pieces that remind me of simple, quiet family moments. Hence our title, ‘Fun and Games.’” A master of many media, Cindy has prepared work in oil, pastel, graphite, and colored pencil. Among the items her paintings explore are board games from her childhood; games played with her own children; wooden alphabet blocks; and a signature item she often incorporates in her work — Fisher Price little people.

Cindy’s list wouldn’t be complete without jacks and marbles, nor would mine! There WILL be marbles.

My paintings are in watercolor. One is of a handful of trading cards that I’ve treasured in an envelope for more than 60 years. You’ll also see a signature item of my own — vintage tin toy ladybugs. If your taste in art includes a sweet tooth, I hope you’ll enjoy my whirly pops, candy canes, and M and Ms.

Sweet Sips © Joyce K. Jensen

We’ll be there for Preview Night on Friday, September 12, 6 – 9pm. Cindy will also be in attendance during the regular Carmel Second Saturday Gallery Walk, on Saturday, September 13, from 5 – 9pm.

One of our new gallery artists is Cheryl Anne Lorance. Cheryl works in sculpture, paintings, and etchings. Her sculptural work is featured in the main gallery during the month of August.

"The Wanderer", bronze, granite base, 8" tall © Cheryl Anne Lorance

“The Wanderer”, bronze, granite base, 8″ tall © Cheryl Anne Lorance

Here is Cheryl’s Artist Statement:

I studied art, earned degrees in art, but on any given day, just a few of the roles I play are technician, businessperson, scientist, explorer, teacher, student, dreamer, and storyteller. I’m not exactly sure what it means to be an artist, but I like to tell stories. We use stories to connect with others. How we tell them is unique and diverse. Unlike a writer or an orator, my stories are made of lines, colors, and forms. Some of my stories are drawn from real life: real people, places, and things that document the world around me. Some of my ideas are purely fantasy. This is how we perceive life. We experience both the real and the imaginary. We all have stories we have lived and stories we would like to live. Either way, sharing those stories lets us see into other people’s mind and other worlds to experience things we otherwise would not experience.

It’s not only about storytelling. I create simply because I can’t help it. I love the material world. The “raw material” world, that is. I rely on raw materials to tell my stories. I love to create something out of nothing, whether I am separating the yolk of an egg to mix with pigments for a painting, or I am laboring over the many technical steps it takes to create a cast bronze. The desire to create is grounded in curiosity and discovery.

"Beacon I", bronze, 14" tall © Cheryl Anne Lorance

“Beacon I”, bronze, 14″ tall © Cheryl Anne Lorance

Welcome Cheryl!

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